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HD 224700



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Photoelectric observations of lunar occultations. X
Photoelectric occulation results for 461 events observed during 15months are reported. They include 77 reappearances, 4 determinations ofangular diameter, 38 analyses of double or multiple stars including twopreviously unknown bright stars, and 8 previously known bright double ormultiple stars.

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Observation and Astrometry data

Right ascension:00h00m00.22s
Apparent magnitude:9.093
Proper motion RA:-4.6
Proper motion Dec:-2.5
B-T magnitude:9.641
V-T magnitude:9.139

Catalogs and designations:
Proper Names   (Edit)
HD 1989HD 224700
TYCHO-2 2000TYC 1-381-1
USNO-A2.0USNO-A2 0900-00000015

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